The idea of ​​Collective Soul is an alternative access to original works and limited edition, emphasizing quality workmanship and materials.
These are unique and made ​​in small series parts, emphasizing collaboration with creative and passionate people in textile, arts and crafts.

Authentic vintage and reinterpreted furniture, to create unique and custom-made interiors, by taking back the best of the past productions, from the point of view of the aesthetics and workmanship.

The furniture we propose is mocked, then sanded, restored and repainted by hand.

They are unique pieces, and practicable to order.

We also propose limited quantites of pieces manufactured by hand or with a hand-done base concept.

The textile creations are produced in limited series, in France (in the Basque Country and Landes) or abroad in a craft way, enhancing local expertise, and contribute to regional development.