The idea of ​​Collective Soul is to offer an alternative access to original creations and limited series, focusing on the quality of manufacturing and materials.
These are unique pieces or made in small series, in collaboration with creative and passionate people in textile, art and crafts.

Authentic vintage furniture, reinterpreted, to create unique and customized interiors, taking the best of past productions in terms of aesthetics and manufacturing.
Those pieces are restored and repainted by hand in Hossegor, France.
Some pieces are exposed in our store, most are realizable on demand, with available stock of Scandinavian vintage furniture from the 50s to 60s.

We now offer a wide range of decorative items and furniture, with the desire to offer different products, to share favorites but also to work only with quality homes .

We also propose limited quantites of pieces manufactured by hand or with a hand-done base concept. The textile creations are produced in limited series, in France (in the Basque Country and Landes) or abroad in a craft way, enhancing local expertise, and contribute to regional development.
And our textile, jewelry and accessories brands are small companies, whose founders and methods of manufacture we know well.


Opening hours of the concept store in Hossegor:
Tuesday to Saturday: 10am - 1pm / 3pm - 7pm
Closed on Sunday & Monday

Summer :
15 July/ 15 August, also open on Mondays !

Tuesday / Saturday: 10 am-1pm / 2:30 pm-5:30pm