GATUA "daisy" Pink Quartz earrings

Rebecca Grandmaison - GATUA jewelry
Gatua Bijoux


Gold plated and Pink Quartz earrings
Handcrafted in the Landes

length: 5.5 cm
width: 3 cm

Pink Quartz Virtues: Pink quartz is one of the stones symbolizing love. In lithotethrapy, it is attached to the chakra of the heart. It radiates love, tenderness, and allows a connection with universal love. It sensitizes the joys of love hardened hearts, and, helps eliminate the most painful affective wounds.
Pink quartz stimulates friendship and brings peace, brings self-respect, and promotes forgiveness.

To preserve the brilliance of your jewelry, avoid contact with makeup, creams and perfume. Never expose your jewelry to chlorine or salt water.
Remove your jewelry before taking a shower, bathing or cleaning.

Taille unique
Taille unique
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