GATUA "Lexy" wide ring - blue Beryl

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Adjustable silver plated brass ring adorned with sapphire blue beryl stone.
unique piece because each stone is unique ..

Beryl blue sapphire virtues: Beryl helps to feel safe and effective. It is ideal for stress management.Action beneficial against nervousness and emotional shocks. Calm the mind and give courage.

Origin of Beryl: There are beryls of different colors: green, blue, yellow, pink, red, white. They are mainly formed of beryllium, aluminum and silicates. Beryl is a crystal more or less transparent, which belongs to the hexagonal system. Its price depends on its purity and its limpid appearance.

This family of stones includes emerald (green beryl), aquamarine (blue), heliodorus (yellow), bixbite (red) and morganite (pink).
Thanks to its virtues, beryl allows, whatever its color, to develop a better self-esteem and to act in a more coherent and assured way.

To preserve the brilliance of your jewelry, avoid contact with makeup, creams and perfume. Never expose your jewelry to chlorine and salt water. Remove your jewelry before taking a shower, bathing or playing sports.

Taille unique
Taille unique
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