MUSKHANE Lumbini felted soft wool rug S - Pollen/Sulfur

Valérie & Therry - MUSKHANE


100% soft wool felt rug
Diameter : 80 cm
Colors: Pollen (ocher) / contrast : Sulfur flower

Fair trade product - Hand made in Nepal.
A renewable material.

The Lumbini round rug simply calls out to creativity! For playing, for daydreaming, for living. Its forms and whimsical colours are fun to combine, and are appreciated by little ones and big ones alike. These Lumbini rugs are perfect nomads: depending on your mood, place them here or there, transferring them from one corner, or one room to another. You’ll find yourself changing them up and pairing them in a number of different ways; perfect for every room in the house.

Care instructions

Vacuum your carpet regularly - especially at the beginning - to remove the excess wool associated with its manufacture. In case of stains, absorb immediately and rub gently with a damp sponge. You can also use soap or a suitable stain remover if traces persist. In case of major damage, your carpet can be washed with warm water by rubbing it with soap. In this case, squeeze out excess water without twisting and dry it flat. You can iron it wet so that it gets back its beautiful shape. If your carpet makes pilling, cut it with a pair of scissors.

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