Pagholz Flötotto Chair



Last piece! 

Authentic chair Pagholz Flötotto, designed and produced  early 1960.
Made in Germany by Elmar Flötotto.
Very rare model, ergonomic egg-shaped basis.

The seat is based on ergonomic and orthopaedic principles and uses a technique from aircraft construction to create this radically new moulded-wood chair, produced from beechwood veneers soaked in phenolic resins and fused under high temperature and pressure. This results in a seat shell made of wood, yet offering the beneficial qualities of plastic.
Basis of origin.
Original metal feet, restored and black-lacquered.

Width 40cm
Depth 43cm
Height 79cm

Despite the care taken to the restoration of these pieces, some light traces of their past can remain, which make their charm  and confer their authenticity.

180,00 €