Handmade Home: Living with art and craft - Mark & Sally Bailey



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With fabulous images by Debbi Treloar, 'Handmade Home' celebrates the handmade in "all its irregular, unique beauty". Essentially it's about incorporating art and craft into your home, mixing up textures and rescuing discarded industrial objects and giving them a new life in an interiors context. It's full of inspiration for creating well considered displays of your favourite treasures, to allow them to be appreciated and enjoyed whilst simultaneously adding personality and individuality to your home.

In this, their third book, Mark and Sally Bailey of destination homeware store Baileys Home & Garden turn to the homes of artists, craftspeople and designers and those who collect their work. Living with paintings, sculptures, ceramics and textiles - almost anything crafted by hand - will give your home a distinct personality that is welcome in this age of mass production. Handmade Home shows how living with handcrafted pieces is a joyful experience that awakens the senses and brings simple pleasures to every day. The book begins by looking at The Elements. Color celebrates the natural hues of handcrafted pieces, while Texture explores how objects made by hand possess a unique quality that gives them a feeling of comfort and familiarity. Space shows how to make the most of the space and light available, and Display discusses how to showcase handcrafted treasures. The Rooms demonstrates how handmade pieces bring variety and beauty to every corner of the home.

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